The magazine "DIVI & CINEMA" was born in 2006 from an idea of the well-known director Annarita Campo.
The magazine was born in April 2006 with the aim of promoting the great names of International Cinema and new talents.
The first Managing Director was the Comm. Prof. Cav. MARTINO IUVARA, discoverer of Shakespeare's Italian roots.
The magazine was presented in a press conference at Palazzo Minerva in Syracuse in the presence of the Mayor of Syracuse, Avv. Titti Bufardeci, the vice-president of the province of Syracuse, the actress Sandra Milo, and the Sicilian press.
The first issue of "DIVI & CINEMA" came out in 5,000 copies and then reached 30,000 copies from the second issue.
For some years now the magazine has seen Dr. Tiziana Scuto, a well-known and appreciated journalist at national level, in the role of Managing Director.
On the occasion of the fifteen-year anniversary of its activity, "DIVI & CINEMA" moves to the web becoming an on-line publication.
In the first online issue, Joe Wright's new film starring Haley Bennet, Peter Dinklage, Ben Mendelson, Kelvin Harrison Jr and Brian Tyree Henry debuts with a special of "Cyrano".